Over thirty, flirty and thriving~~~ Over thirty, flirty and thriving~~~

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She steps back into the kitchen to get Tessa a tall glass of water and then joins her on the couch, rubbing slow circles into her back and making soothing sounds. So what that I was home in bed?

Pulling back before he has a second to catch his breath, she grins down at him. She surges forward and wraps her arms around her, hugging her mother as tightly as she can.

A grown-up checklist I was turning 30 in a few months and just look at me! Finish our house whoo hoo! It was a mistake.

You have been living cheque to cheque and suddenly wedding invitations are showing up, and people start having planned pregnancies.

Because women are taught to believe that aging means depreciation. She runs and runs and runs until her lungs are heaving and her legs are burning.

Translation of "thirty and flirty" in Spanish

All I wanted was to talk to you, to apologize, and then you kissed me. Not for a long time. I crawled up on to my super pricey, Waldorf hotel-quality bed. His eyes shoot up to find hers. Her mother is her rock, and she needs her now more than ever.