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Yes, the amount of minutes may change slightly depending on who's hosting the event, but that's about the average time you will spend with each potential soul mate. The number of dates held in an evening can vary, but most services hold 10 or less. One set of the speed daters, usually women, stay seated at the same table, and the opposite group moves from table to table.

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Amy's responses sound very human, and she picks up on people's natural speech patterns in order to respond to their requests for meeting times ie, "this Tuesday morning"so you won't have to worry about frustrating yourself or your colleagues trying to get her to work.

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Instead of hunting around for agreeable times and hoping that attendees come with an agenda, Rallly lets you deal with everything in one place.

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How does 8 Dating Minute work A group of singles - an equal number of men and women gather at a cafe or bar that has been rented out for the evening. The Internet is a good place to start looking around for events.

They may be contacted via e-mail the following day, or asked to log onto a Web site to enter the names or ID numbers of people whom they would like to see again.

Everyone is randomly paired up to begin the first 'date', and the timer is set.