8 wire thermostat wiring-Jraces Sucher 8 wire thermostat wiring-Jraces Sucher

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Insert the wall anchors and push them hard with your thumb. Shower and other hot water controls[ edit ] A thermostatic mixing valve uses a wax pellet to control the mixing of hot and cold water.

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The expansion of the chamber operates a rod which opens a valve when the operating temperature is exceeded. Step 13 Pull the wires through the hole located in the middle of the backplate.

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Another benefit is that there is still some flow through the radiator if the thermostat fails. Insert the wire beneath the screw in the slot provided.

The two wires likely are red for volt hot and white for the heat. There are also many incidences where the homeowner was unsuccessful installing a new thermostat.

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They get home and dust off the toolbox. And change the temperature setting.

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Do this by turning off the master switch on your circuit box. Moving contact attached to the bimetal coil. The weight of the mercury on the end of the coil tends to keep it there, also preventing short heating cycles.

How to Wire a Thermostat - Anchors It is important in this step to have the proper drill bit size.

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