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Too bad I keep hoping for better. Kate Hudson's acting was the best. Seems like a movie going directly to TV, because it never got sensual just vulgar in places. Kate Hudson was too trash mouth which distracted me from the plot.

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In this one Hudson plays a woman who does not let any guy get close to her. That said it never drew me in and made me cry, laugh or care about the characters. That last scene is not an usual one except for Woopi playing the role. I'd love to see her wait for a better script and direction with nuances like CZJ.

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Kudos to Treat Williams, Kathy Bates, Lucy… 2 This film might not be the most surprising and original thing that you will ever see but it's for sure very touching and the truth is that it made me drop some tears during many parts of the film. The lead actors didn't have any chemistry, and it was uneven and that's a shame.

The supporting characters also provides some solid work.

A Little Bit of Heaven

Hudson is pretty impressive in this movie. For the souffle that it is we all could do worse than this. All the emotion and spiritual aspects in this film are real to people who have died and come back to talk about it, It's not far fetched to any NDEr near-death experiencer.

It seems that she was on the path to super stardom. I thought it was incredibly well done -- and I've had a near-death experience -- so it's also very real to me.