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A single woman nina simone lyrics here comes. Nina simone - a single woman lyrics

Nina Simone - Here Comes the Sun Lyrics

It raining at first, and I was dying there of thirst,So I came in here. You look good to me [Verse 2: Oh my goodness, I almost lost my mind When I saw this hee-haw that was so divine Now I would usually just kept goin But it hypnotized me the way she was throwin I said, "You want a burger and fries with that shake?

You take just like a woman. And your long-time curse hurts, but what's worseIs this pain in here.

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Queen mary, she's my friend. Biz Markie] Now that you kknow what I'm talkin about I know you will agree without a reasonable doubt Nothing's like a nice derriere Looks so good, it's just not fair Now let me tell you a story about a girl named Judy Was a 5 in the face, but had a real nice booty It was so soft and mesmerizin I met her in Jersey by?

Lil' Kal] You look good to me [Verse 3: That I just can't fit. But you break just like a little girl.

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I can't stay in here. But when we met again and are introduced as friends,Please don't let on that you knew me whenI was hungry, and it was your world.