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Answer Methods Various question and answer types, from multiple choice to intensity sliders allow for flexibility in surveying participants.

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Fast Data Gathering When capturing data from a polling participant, time is of the essence. The app is linked to our online mapping tool which displays where survey participants are based in real-time. Anonymous browsing helps prevent data mining which keeps your data and identity secret. Our app is quick and easy while allowing you to gain valuable insights from your audience.

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Results of polls are then illustrated using various graph types via linked website displays so the user can see outcomes in real time. Integrating advanced firewall and filtering capabilities, you will never receive any unwanted connections to your computer or smart phone.

Each question features a visual graphic that helps the user understand what is being asked. Firewall Block unwanted connections.

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If your identity puts you at risk, anonymous browsing and posting anonymously on forums are of critical importance. Geo-Map Web Display Users can enter their home location by zip code. Visuals are applied so users better understand each question which in turn helps to provide more accurate answer selections.