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Danny Boy [C] Sorry, not what I'm looking for at all.

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What can you say, this is the kind of music that defines 'bourgeois cool' and nowadays you do expect it to pop up regularly in your average shitty glam movie. Technically, it's an improvement over 'Shouldn't I Know' in that the harmonies are much more complex, but you know what - they'd have rendered humanity a far better service if they'd just keep the harmonies and leave the whining tenor guy out of all this.

Well, it's not quite like that, too smooth and toothless, I guess, but it'll do fine and dandy for pure toe-tapping fun. We make it easy to search for singles in Atlantic City, NJ or anywhere.

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Benjamin Nelson - future Ben E. Hookless soul is not my favourite musical genre, but somehow Ray is capable of transforming the very flow of his voice into a hook, never singing the same line twice, making it all seem as highly realistic as it is artistic, if you know what I mean.

Long Lonely Nights [C-] Ahem.

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This is upbeat, lightweight, fluffy, a bit delicate, a bit amusing, and featuring the first and last? Watching him rise and fall is a delight, no matter what I might feel in general about this approach - and the nicest touch is that he throws in a good amount of vulnerability.

Lowe Groovin' [B] Supposedly this is where it all started, folks, but there sure was a long way to go to reach even Ray Charles, not to mention Aretha. It was on Radiance that the charismatic Bryant who was featured on "When Love Calls" really blossomed as a singer and her lead vocals played a major role in the band's success.

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At least the lyrics aren't anywhere near as trite this time, but then stop me before I actually start discussing the lyrics in a mediocre doo-wop song. Besides, I just don't like his voice.

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Why is America's formerly hilarious group 1 all of a sudden pushing this generic doo-wop rubbish on us? If the unforgettable chorus - 'on a greenback, greenback dollar bill!

Martin was around for a few years before being replaced by Rachel Oliver Atlantic Starr's fourth female vocalist in the early '90s. Once again, the Clovers deliver a minor, deliciously lightweight, gem, penned, if the liner notes are to believed, by no other than Ahmet Ertegun himself.

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