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You can register for free and this includes - setting up a profile, uploading photos, videos or browsing other profiles. In these examples, the relative clause which provides an information about the antecedent appears in blue, while the ancedent appears in green.

The antecedent is found in the main sentence.

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Restrict the extension or meaning of the word to which they refer its antecedent Provide information that cannot be omitted, that is, they provide essential information.

You can subscribe for just 2 weeks or as many months as you wish. The relative pronoun can be increased with a preposition if the function that the relative fulfills needs it: My mother, who was very tired, fell asleep soon.

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They are NOT written between commas, a characteristic that makes it possible to differentiate them from the second type: Children who behave well will go on a field trip. Children, who behave well, will go on a field trip. This mechanics will be used throughout the explanation.

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All new members get two days free subscription to sample our site. The antecedent and the relative do not have to fulfill the same syntactic function.

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