ANIME MATSURI – Japanese Culture Convention ANIME MATSURI – Japanese Culture Convention

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Fan Experience Get close to your favorite performers, buy signed merch and get stuff autographed. Attendees come to Anime Midwest to make a ton of friends and meet some of the coolest famous people in the world. Panelists are then expected to check-in with the AV volunteers at the sound board in the room where their Panel is scheduled at least 20 minutes prior to their Panels to ensure ample setup time.

Some are official and broad- organized by the people who put on the convention. April 13, If you are interested in hosting an industry panel, please contact us at programming anime-expo. It is, essentially, the Minneapolis Comic Con. Contact Author If you have not attended a comic convention or anime convention, you have not lived.

Attendees who want to find something near them only have to type their location in the search box at the top of the site, and they'll instantly get a list of events within miles.

Since the first anime convention which brought in a few hundred people, anime conventions have exploded in popularity. About The Conventions We organize several anime events each year.

Ready for Anime Midwest?

You and your buddies can even work on special group poses and fun in-character pranks you can play throughout the convention weekend. Convention goers of the anime and comic persuasion have a sort of look to them, even when they're not cosplaying, and seeing so many in one place is both heartening and awesome, since usually comic and anime fans are more widely dispersed- not to mention frequently closeted or reclusive.

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Prospective fan panelists and workshop hosts can submit their ideas using the online application portal: Dressing up in costume, known as cosplaying, is one of the coolest and most enjoyable things you can do at an anime or comic conveniton!

Sports Club See all those sports uniforms? One of my fellow competitors ate my winning drawing several hours after the contest.