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I think the expression and feeling conveyed by this song could not fit more as the princess theme, sung by the artist who does her voice, lyrics can be found here http: I do not own any of the images, video or audio shown in this AMV, All copyright belongs to Clamp, Megumi Ogata and their respective authors, I just put the pieces together for fun.

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Then she summons the Magic Knight from another world to save Cephiro. Then she had to say goodbye to his younger brother and take her place as the Pillar, but then she hopelessly, and tragically fell in love with the high priest, Zagato. Her love for him eventually caused her to constantly think of him and him only, directly conflicting with her responsibilities as the Pillar, since she could not think of only Cephiro anymore.

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In this tribute I tried to tell Emeraude's story chronologically since she was the princess, shown in her true form as a woman, until she became the Pilar of Cephiro and took the form of a girl to reflect the purity of her heart. During the song, the cameraman zooms in on a Sailor Moon cosplayer and her Tuxedo Kamen.

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She thinks that if he is happy all will be fine, but seeing Zagato with Alcyone makes her have horrible thoughts and monsters begin to destroy the world. Integrating advanced firewall and filtering capabilities, you will never receive any unwanted connections to your computer or smart phone.

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Zagato, who had in turn fallen madly in love with her, discovered how she felt about him, and abducted and imprisoned her in a water dungeon to protect her.