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By the mid-nineteenth century, hand knitting was declining as part of the knitting industry, but was increasing as a hobby. Stockings made in England were sent to the NetherlandsSpainand Germany. Machines could be hired and worked from home rather than relying on a large stocking frame or the much slower hand knitting.

Patterns, now often included in popular women's magazines frequently reflected this need. Although made from a kind of knit fabric they are not usually considered knitwear.

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One of the most influential changes was the spread of the internet, which enabled knitters to share advice, patterns and experience, but also it meant that home knitters had direct access to supplies rather being reliant on local sources.

In the same year Thomas Doubleday wrote an open letter to the Duke [4]criticising the slow progress of the Committee's work. Knitting podcasts have also emerged, with much cross-pollination of ideas from blogs, 'zines, and knitting books.

As another sign of the knitting's popularity in the early 21st century, a large international online community and social networking site for knitters and crocheters, Ravelrywas founded by Casey and Jessica Forbes in May Home knitting grew in popularity, especially as fashion fully embraced knitwear.

After receiving a pair of black stockings from William, Queen Elizabeth I ultimately declined to grant him a patent for his invention. Leicestershire and neighboring counties had long had an association with the hosiery industry.

Blogging later added fuel to the development of an international knitting community. Companies started, or expanded, to meet the demands of home knitters, producing patterns, yarn, and tools.

They also ignored the playing of contemporary traditional pipers such as Old Tom Clough and Thomas Todd.