Axel & Alizée [Right Now] Axel & Alizée [Right Now]

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She had an image of a girl, who shocked the public by the contrast between the innocence and provocative appearance. Alizee The independent career allowed Alizee to experiment with music styles, and each CD was different from the previous one.

Young Alizee The task was to create a logo and paint it on a paper airplane. Alizee was not confused, she went on the stage, sang a song in English, and failed.

Her design was used to paint the exterior of one of the airliners, subsequently named after her. The same autumn, the young people got married, and a beautiful wedding took place in the capital of entertainment, Las Vegas.

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Earlier no one in her family was interested in art enough to make it a profession. Alizee with her daughter In a year after the divorce, the singer took part in a popular reality show "Dancing with the Stars. Jacotey was also good at painting, and showed that in the competition organized by a local airline.

Then she released a number of studio albums of different genres, which had positive response among her fans.

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Dancing was not her only hobby. The singer gave birth to her daughter Annily. Young Alizee Alizee was born on the coast of the island of Corsica, in Ajaccio.

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What is more, Alizee takes Thai boxing classes in order to be in a good shape. Songs Her winning performance did not go unnoticed by producers.

The child won the vacation trip with her family to the Maldives. She intended to show a dance number, but it turned out that only singers were needed. After winning the show young people started dating, and on June 18, they married.