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Toward the end of there was a report on the Muisca population: Religious ceremonies included human sacrifice. The community of Cota has reintroduced the growing of quinuaand regularly barter their products at market. A similar tendency can be found in the works of Ezequiel Uricoechea.

Chibcha language to get instant updates about 'Chibcha Language' on your MyPage. Those publications opened a new era in the studies of the pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia. Chibcha, also known as Muisca or Mosca, is "officially" an extinctEthnologue, accessed 9 Nov Chibchan language of Colombiaformerly spoken by the Muisca people, a complex indigenous civilization of Central America and the present-day Colombian region.

The Muisca descendants continue many traditional ways, such as the use of certain foods, use of coca for teas and healing rituals, and other aspects of natural ways, which are a deep part of culture here.

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After the independence wars in there was a surge of interest in study of the Muisca culture. Tan solo se ha mencionado superficialmente que el espanol en contacto con lenguas indigenas de la familia chibcha presenta rasgos foneticos, morfosintacticos, discursivos, etc.

They evolved a stratified society of overlords and vassals, in which succession to office was matrilineal and inheritance of personal property was patrilineal. I may be confused, misinformed, or simply wrong about many things.