Exclusive Interview: James Franco on As I Lay Dying Exclusive Interview: James Franco on As I Lay Dying

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Share via Email 'Insanitary and grim' It was a faint connection from wherever Franco is currently working, but he was as thoughtful as ever sharing his artistic process behind the cameras with us.

Instead, he went on to work on " Hours," which earned him his a Best Actor Oscar nomination, so we're guessing he's not sweating that one.

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In cinema, the most famous use of split screens we all know are by Brian De Palma. It was a smaller movie for them and I guess we had enough elements in there that they felt they could make their money back, so they really let us just make it the way we wanted to make it. As I Lay Dying Critics of James Franco are getting worn down, if not yet fully convinced, by his sheer energy and productivity.

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Something that works in a book won't necessarily work in a movie in the exact same way. The actor, writer, director and artist has now come to Cannes with a bold and high-minded new project: Getty As you may have heard, James Franco's been busy.

So I guess I like that kind of consistency.

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It's tied up with public image, celebrity and our relationship to that," Franco says. I think that was the biggest challenge of that movie and I think we did it.

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You get this feeling of many eyes on a single scene or pieces happening simultaneously. When Addie dies, the family attempts to honour her last wish for a burial in her far-off hometown of Jackson, a plan that necessitates taking the body on a long journey in a home-carpentered coffin on the back of a precarious horse-drawn cart, with the whole family glumly along for the ride.

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Did any studios or distributors ever suggest cutting a more marketable trailer version of the film?