The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu (Autobiografia Lui Nicolae Ceausescu) - Cineuropa The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu (Autobiografia Lui Nicolae Ceausescu) - Cineuropa

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Ten years later, inI was confronted with the idea of a project about Ceausescu for the first time. We were all driven by a huge curiosity to try to understand more about what had happened. I had several things in mind. Related Articles 6, Kilometers in 29 Shooting Days: When in your own development did you decide you had to make some sort of aesthetic statement about these events and how did that desire lead to the Videograms of a Revolution trilogy?

As far as I am concerned, my major interest has always been directed towards a cinema of reality, which tries to reformulate the equation between document and emotion. The pre-selection was around hours. They only switched to video equipment a few months before the end.

How did you go about organizing what I assume was a massive amount of footage to use. Here is another reason to try to understand the events which occurred twenty years ago and what caused them through aesthetic means. The biggest part of the materials were rushes, rough materials, but in some cases you had some propaganda editing that had already taken place and the first thing you must do is deconstruct this material and put it in its original form and work without the voice narration from the propaganda material.


We witness the demolition of downtown Bucharest to make way for a colossal presidential palace, the vast, failed construction projects of the '70s and '80s, glimpses of Kodachrome home movies from Black Sea vacations and the silent torture of Rumanian people and politicians enduring Ceaucescu's rambling, disconnected speeches in a famished land where dissent is punishable by death.

The greatest author in regards to the psychology of history was and remains Shakespeare. Yes, I once said that all three parts of the trilogy have been a sort of historical therapy for me.