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In general one may say that the author of Numbers Rabbah attempted and largely succeeded in creating a midrash according to the ancient format, one which is based to a large extent on the works of the Sages of the Mishnah and Talmud, but which is heavily influenced by the pand literary endeavors of the redactor himself and by relatively late sources which he uses.

Thus, it is known that from the entry of the Israelites into the Holy Land to the time of Jephthah a period of years elapsed. As regards the sources of Sifra, it is said in the well-known passage Sanh and that the Sifra belongs to R.

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Synagogue recitation The portions of Numbers to which there are Tanchuma homilies in this portion of Numbers Rabbah were intended for public worship according to the divisions of the cycle of the Torah portions and the Pesikta.

Rather, they would be conveyed in a mode and via paradoxes. A king married a wife and did not give her a legal marriage contract.

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Cast thy bread upon the waters and upon the land, for thou shalt find it after many days Hast thou seen a black ass. With Rab Huna, 29th exilarch, the male line of descent from David terminated.

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The Babylonian Talmud, which evidently does not know R. Judahs views has little significance, e.

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Some, such as Jacob N. The Gemara replied to its own challenge by positing that their campings were like their possessions, in order to show respect to their banners. Rabbi said on behalf of Abba Jose ben Dosthai that there is no contradiction, for the latter part of Hosea 2: Gemara — The Gemara is the component of the Talmud comprising rabbinical analysis of and commentary on the Mishnah.

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The Gemara challenged Rava's interpretation, noting that Numbers 2: In Numbers Rabbah, the divisions according to separate homilies are no longer recognizable.

This is true also, with the exception of the interpretation of the numerical value of the Hebrew word for fringes, of the other passages pointed out by Leopold Zunz as originating with later, and notably French, rabbis.

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While the one who said that they traveled in the shape of a box read Numbers Later its distribution began to expand, including other Jewish centers in countries on the Mediterranean Sea, and only shortly before the beginning of printing was Numbers Rabbah found in more remote places from its center of circulation, such as Ashkenaz or Turkey.

The application of these principles would obviously have had the effect of compressing the Biblical chronology, the following examples will illustrate the manner in which these principles are applied.

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