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When he's ready to attack, he kicks the debris ball, which explodes on contact. Armodrillo This is the armadillo-like alien with a yellow, armored body and a horned helmet. Bloxx Bloxx, a shape shifting alien made up of many segments.

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Fourarms This is Fourarms, a familiar face but back with a new look. Rook This is Rook, Ben's super-skilled new partner and sidekick. He's an incredibly tough fighter with devastating kicks.

Khyber the Huntsman Khyber the Huntsman is a skilled tracker and ruthless villain who prides himself on his patience, taking time to study his targets and wearing them down with this persistence. He generates huge amounts of electricity which he can fire at his enemies through bolts of energy.

He can also use the plug-like digits at the end of his fingers and dreadlocks to drain energy from opponents.

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Unfortunately, Grandpa Max has other plans. He can fire balls of flame from his fists, fly through the air on a fire board and he's immune to heat or cold attacks.

Ball Weevil Ball Weevil uses a sticky ball to collect random junk. Shocksquatch This is the electrifying Schocksquach, a yetti-like alien with super strength. He can roll into an almost indestructible ball, bounce around creating powerful shockwaves or spin into a fierce tornado.

Feedback Exclusive to young Ben, Feedback has the ability to absorb energy attacks and channel them as a blast of his own. Humungousaur When Ben transforms into this dinosaur-like alien, he has super strength, armour-like skin, and the ability to grow 60 feet tall.

He has super fighting strength. Ben 10 Omniverse Beating the bad guys is just part of the superhero gig. Kickin Hawk Kickin' Hawk comes from an alien race that resembles giant roosters.

Cannonbolt This is the indomitable Cannonbolt.