Bob Morley And Eliza Taylor Funny Moments Bob Morley And Eliza Taylor Funny Moments

Bobby morley and eliza taylor dating phelps, bob morley

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Together we can enjoy time with our favorites celebrities. Let's just say, he wasn't ready for Miami's fans! Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend Bob Morley's panel. We did a live stream, from an iPhone, while recording on our camera! We hope to see you next year at Florida Supercon !

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Everyone was welcomed and we all enjoyed our time at the con. Eliza even made a Vine with a fan. It was such a fun event, especially with the special celebrities appearances at this year's Florida Supercon!

But what made our day even better is when she re-tweeted one of our many tweets! Let's not forget about those Cosplayers!

Bob morley and eliza taylor funny moments

No one screams louder than fangirls As he shared his answers to fans, he enjoyed a can of soda Here are some of our pictures and very few videos of his panel: With this in mind, we only have 18 minutes of the panel on our camera, but you can still check out the live stream videos here.

This is actually the day we were stunned to see how big the fandom really is! The following day, our favorite leader was up and ready to share with us her favorite moments while filming. To be able to greet and ask them questions even for few seconds, what made this con super special.

Although we tried to get much on videos, we did our best to bring you much of her panel: