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Morelos Dam You can admire the town and its surroundings from this beautiful natural setting. Its proximity to the United States has made it a very popular tourist destination, especially for day-trippers.

The standard of living is the highest in Mexico.

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It is recognized in Mexico for its sizable investment in education and low unemployment. The main bus station can be reached by a bus traveling along Calzada Independencia or by taxi from the city centre.

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Be sure to have all documents ready or take the time to get the required FMM card when crossing the border going south. It is ideal for rock-climbing, hiking, rappelling, canoeing, and panoramic photography. Teatro del Estado - The states theater with many shows throughout the year.

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It is often locked and closed during weekdays, but usually open on weekend mornings. Mexicali is the northern terminus for Mexican Highway 5 to San Felipe.

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Mexicali can also be reached from Tijuana and Tecate on Mex Nightlife[ edit ] Nightclubs in Mexicali tend to open and close throughout the year due to them becoming duds.

By foot[ edit ] Many people drive to the border, park on the US side, and walk across. There are also multiple public buses, which can range from old school refurbished school buses with no air circulation to brand new metrobuses with air conditioning and television screens, which are more expensive.