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This is indicative of the lack of consistency between what are trumpeted as key EU objectives and the resources put in place to meet those objectives. It began with fanfares and ends with the passing-bell at a pauper's grave. A few weeks ago I visited Mexico for a number of reasons, one of which was to find out what Mexicans think of the new framework for relations between their country and the European Union, announced with great fanfare in most of the media.

Mr Yanukovych and the Party of the Regions won, but they are not trumpeting their victory from the rooftops. You take the job with waving banners and ten hours later hand it back!

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The grandiose announcement of a new Employment Pact turned out in reality to be a castle in the air. The things we have witnessed there: Suggest an example Results: We do not want to be lectured about our employment practices when we enforce the law, even if it is inconvenient, by countries which bang the drum for enforcement and then go through the back door to ensure that the law is not enforced.

One European government after another has been incapable of managing the uninterrupted waves of immigrants, and the recent, highly publicised agreement between France and Britain regarding Sangatte is not going to change things. That one word was like a trumpet I can promise you my absolute cooperation, and I will also try to move as much as possible forward at Council level, without great fanfare and proclamationbut rather in such a way as to achieve real results.

Esa palabra anuncia a bombo y platillo que ha llegado a su edad adulta. This report enthusiastically trumpets the view that cross-compliance is an important instrument in justifying public support for farmers.