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I had to cringe at times while reading your book, thinking about some of the impressions I must have given, all due to pure ignorance on my part.

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This insightful book tells you about the real events that happened in our relationship and how they were perceived by my husband-to-be. Your Registration Obligations In consideration of your use of the Site, you agree to: He does not even know why it happened the way it happened!

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None of the men I have been in contact with ever wanted to meet a woman who was dishonest, tricky, stupid, selfish, unfaithful, wanted to compete rather than cooperate, and was physically unattractive.

I really have an unfair advantage.

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Read below for details Reader's comments Outstanding book. And I am here to share this information with you. The hardest part is all the incredible women I have to say "no" to!!!

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You feel that if this book is just half as good as I am saying it is, it's definitely worth the money. I must mention here that the term "Russian women" is widely accepted to include women from all countries of the former USSR, and not only the Russian Federation.

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There are tactics that would work wonders but men have no idea about them, and would not try. Now Here's The Good News You can get this knockout book today and slay your competition in an instant!

It was entertaining and provided me with some good tips. Why would anyone want an imitation when they can get the real thing? I understand what a Russian woman's motives are, and how to deliver big time on those motives.

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He managed to capture my attention and all other men simply could not compete.