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Making your bread can be a fun and rewarding experience when you have an efficient bread making tool to help you get it done.

Since living here I have really missed eating nice, fresh bread.

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The flex is short-ish at about 90cm so you need to be fairly near a socket. Now I make sure not to put too much in the dispenser.

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The crust is thin and crispy without being chewy, and the inside is beautifully light and fluffy and moist without being at all stickyand uniform. Even though the bread does not have any of the preservatives the supermarket loafs have, it keeps a long time, and the bread is always eaten before it gets dry.

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The dispenser does this for you automatically. So, after a quick trip to the shops, I bunged in the ingredients for a simple white loaf and switched it on.

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Don't use anything remotely abrasive to clean it - a sponge is great. Millions of people bake their loaves every day in their break makers, opting instead for a home-touch for their bread instead of picking it up from the market.

It is just superb.

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I placed the ingredients in the bucket as directed, so yeast first, then the flour, then the rest. Now with a bread maker I always have lovely bread without much effort. But here on Yummy Breadmaker regardless of your budget we like to look and compare on Amazon just what breadmakers are the rages as this gives a great guide to what are the best breadmakers around.

The next day I had a perfect loaf! However, after seeing Panasonic machines mentioned in a variety of places Which?

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