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A number of BZ cocktails are available in the chemical literature and on the web.

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These reactions, if carried out in petri dishesresult in the formation first of colored spots. Does this code simulate 'real reactions?

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Inwhile trying to find the non-organic analog to the Krebs cyclehe noted that in a mix of potassium bromatecerium IV sulfatemalonic acidand citric acid in dilute sulfuric acidthe ratio of concentration of the cerium IV and cerium III ions oscillated, causing the colour of the solution to oscillate between a yellow solution and a colorless solution.

The overall equation is: These spots grow into a series of expanding concentric rings or perhaps expanding spirals similar to the patterns generated by a cyclic cellular automaton.

The belousov zhabotinsky reaction

The list on the left has a handful of gradients that can be selected. Zhabotinsky, b; Field and Burger, [12] Many different patterns can be observed when the reaction is run in a microemulsion.

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The only key chemical is the bromate oxidizer. Belousov made two attempts to publish his finding, but was rejected on the grounds that he could not explain his results to the satisfaction of the editors of the journals to which he submitted his results.

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I stumbled across this paper written by Alasdair Turner. Investigators are also exploring the creation of a "wet computer", using self-creating "cells" and other techniques to mimic certain properties of neurons.

However, it's doing a lot of work each frame and isn't fast.

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The values from the BZ solver range from 0 to 1, my code gets the colour value from a linear gradient based on the reaction value in each cell. The catalyst ion is most often cerium, but it can be also manganese, or complexes of iron, ruthenium, cobalt, copper, chromium, silver, nickel and osmium.

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In the case of the soil amoeba, the size of the elements is typical of single-celled organisms and the times involved are on the order of days to years.