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Jack rescues a Zeek's baby before the station blows up. As Wilhelmina uncovers an explosives cache, Adamus fires a missile causing a volcano to erupt.

Cadillacs y Dinosaurios Serie animada Latino 1-13

Jack plans to rally the Macks away with three Cadillacs and aid from Hermes. As Adamus prevents an accident, Hammer spreads word of his presence to Wilhelmina.

Hannah soon finds evidence on Captain Noc's person and divulges the truth to Wilhelmina. Hammer loses one of the trucks. After a long fist fight with Hammer, Jack scares off Hammer. Jack retells how Sean was always one step ahead of him.

Next day Jack turns a group of cutters against Laschard and diverts the cutters into a river. Fessenden activates a deadly robot. When they try to lure the Whiptail it abducts Mustapha.

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Jack respects all life forms. When they are chased by a herd of Wahonchucks, they find a wild boy amongst them. Hannah doesn't find him good company.