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Caitlyn jenner and candis cayne dating, erhalten sie personalisierte werbung von partnern unseres vertrauens

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Candis and Caitlyn were also spotted over the weekend shopping together, visiting the spa together, and even dining alone on what appeared to be a romantic candlelit dinner.

When asked, Candis was clear that she and Caitlyn were not romantically involved 'She's lived her whole life being transgender but never being able to do anything about it,' Candis said about the woman previously known as Bruce Jenner.

Cayne —a actress and choreographer —even made her debut appearance in I Am Cait. Do you think Caitlyn Jenner and Candis Cayne make a cute couple?

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Some have called Caitlyn's transition something of a fairy tale, but Candis thought it was still a tough situation for her friend Struggles: Candis Cayne right visited Access Hollywood on Wednesday, talking about her friendship with Caitlyn Jenner After she hosted a sleepover for Caitlyn, 65, on Sunday's episode of I Am Cait, some had wondered if the overnight was hinting at more than just friendship.

Her twin male brother is Dylan Cayne.

Caitlyn Jenner dating Candis Cayne?

When Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, finally confirmed that she was transforming into a woman — there was a lot of speculation as to whether she would be dating men or women.

Candis revealed that she preferred manly men and cited Jon Stewart as an example of someone she found attractive 'I went through other struggles, but she did also,' added Candis. She was trained in dance and caught attention in the New York City nightclub scene.

She is actually a part-time model and a well known and sought-after singer in the gay nightclub scene. I really love her a lot, and it's been amazing being by her side through this whole process,' Candis explained when asked about the relationship between her and Caitlyn.

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By she had begun making the transition to become a woman. During an interview she revealed she began thinking about her self as a woman when she was 6-years-old. Candis has had plenty of chances to see those struggles first-hand over the course of I Am Cait, the docu-series chronicling Caitlyn's transition.

A but later relocated to New York in the early s. They also enjoyed a girls-only sleepover, during which Candis shocked Caitlyn by announcing she liked to sleep naked.

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She has basically been through the same struggles and confusion, so she would be the perfect person for Caitlyn to lean on as she continues her journey of transition. Seriously, how bitter is Kris Jenner right now?