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On 6 September, they lost to Mali 1—2. You made a good point by mentionning that we're more serious when we play teams with big potential, and big names.

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Nevertheless, those words of Mr Arthur Jeorge warm my heart, and tell the spirit he intends to create within the group. A football team comprises eleven players, and they are chosen with respect to their performance.

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For me as usual, I'll pray to come across a channel that will broadcast the encounter. They lost to Malawi 4—2 in the return leg. Sep 15 They did not make the finals and overall finished last in the tournament.

Ivory Coast statistics & results

However, whatever people's comments. Attempting to commercialise the game and make it commercially viable is not the solution, as demonstrated by the current existence of many youth and women's football camps held throughout the continent.

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Man you are so lucky you are going to live that match, and spur on the lions. I'll give you my answer to that question the 10th October, with the will of God.

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You are so lucky to have the opportunity to go and spur on the Lions. But whatever the players, and whatever the coach's words, if a certain spirit isn't maintained, then we can't expect good result.

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As i told you i know many forums via internet and this is one of the best where people write a lot and therfore can meet each other Meanwhile,cameroon is one of the best teams in Africa and now one of the best in the world.

Background and development[ edit ] Early development of the women's game at the time colonial powers brought football to the continent was limited, as colonial powers in the region tended to take concepts of patriarchy and women's participation in sport with them to local cultures that had similar concepts already embedded in them.

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I'll have to watch it on TV In the later tournament, the World Cup, they were eliminated with three total losses to Germany 0—10Thailand 2—3 and Norway 1—3.

The country was in Group A.