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Can you hook up computer speakers to tv, sound not coming from computer speakers when hooked up to tv?

That way, anything that's displayed on the screen should then pass through to your computer speakers.

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Needless to say, I purchased the TV and after two minutes of listening to a TV that sounded like it was in the next county, I hooked up a pair of 5. I typically will put the TV volume in the middle and manually turn my PC speakers to what I would consider a medium sound setting.

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Find out how to setup and use a Chromecast. The rest is simple. Often, this cable will also have a green colored connector.

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This may vary depending on the speaker model, but you usually plug into the speaker that contains the power button and volume control. Once again, depending on your TV you can also use your remote control to change the volume on the speakers.

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One wire is "grounded" and the other carries the alternating sound signal. How do you hook up a laptop to a TV?

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Consult your monitor's user manual to determine if your monitor supports this feature. So then I thought, why don't we all just use computer speakers? Select the highest-quality video source that your devices support, starting with HDMI, followed by component cable, then S-Video, then composite cable or coaxial cable as a last resort.

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Turn your laptop and TV on. I did a troubleshoot on playing audio and it said It only requires one lead too, as HDMI handles both video and audio.

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