Four Tet Releases New Compilation of Music on Bandcamp Four Tet Releases New Compilation of Music on Bandcamp

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I saw an image from this festival, which is essentially an homage to the Supreme Leader, and it tells the story of how North Korea came into being. At least you're out in the world.

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Liotta, please sit down! I'm not scared of him.

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Some of my dude friends would beat me up for listening to this. However, I can put on my earphones and work to it nicely.

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The whole song ponders other great things that would seem really normal. It all depends on what means. Nobody works harder than bees! I didn't think I was going to get any lyrics until song 4 came along, and again it sounds like I am back in the 3rd grade.

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If we're gonna survive as a species, this is our moment! If that is up your alley, you will love this. I could tell this would be very interesting Indy type music just from this cover. Not too bad Chow Chow.

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