Equation of Cellular Respiration Equation of Cellular Respiration

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The 6 carbon atoms present in a glucose molecule make it possible to form 6 carbon dioxide molecules. Respiration proceeds in four discrete stages and releases about 39 percent of the energy stored in the glucose molecules.

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Interestingly, the bacteria that produce acetic acid use ethyl alcohol as their fuel. When oxygen levels are depleted, electrons will be simply dispersed and the electron transport chain will discontinue. Also notice that the process itself does not generate huge amounts of ATP and does not use oxygen as a precursor molecule.

References What is Cellular Respiration?

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The byproduct of aerobic respiration is carbon dioxide gas. The chemical energy that was stored in the broken glucose bonds is moved into bonds between ADP and a phosphate group.

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This is the process of respiration. This reaction in which a molecule gains energy is known as endergonic reaction. This is a 9-step reaction that takes place within the mitochondria. It is basically an organic molecule that contains high-energy phosphate bonds.

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In the absence of oxygen, most eukaryotic cells can also perform different types of anaerobic respiration, such as lactic acid fermentation. Methanogenesis is performed by some symbiotic bacteria in the digestive tracts of humans, cows, and some other animals.

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