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Phil did the same thing with Dan as he did with Charlie. You all probably know about the fact I spoke with him online early Charlie Casey, or the youtuber charlieskies, became friends with Phil some time in mid to late What will happen when Phil finds out?

Dan normally stays away from arguments, or tries to not make things escalate any further.

History and Controversy

Infinite by SonicPhantom47 reviews The evil villains Cade Holter and Denner Silveiro have merged with the power of the universe stones and have become the evil Rivalised Eco. But I was very over-the-top with my fangirliness; I had the shirts, I'd make all the references, I was basically cringe-worthy.

In and Charlie also became increasingly hostile towards Dan on social media and tweeted a number of inflammatory things - joking about phan, Dan's sexuality, calling Dan an asshole, and similar things. And I am glad.

Rated T just in case. And will things ever be the same again? I used to think it was fun to sort of show tweets of support to that and, and feed off that drama, that's what I used to do, I used to be like that.

They didn't even try to fix what they did.