Review: Chrysler C SRT8 - The Truth About Cars Review: Chrysler C SRT8 - The Truth About Cars

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But can it keep up with the Europeans in the curves? The Hyundai Genesis R-Spec has similar specs and a similar price, but it has no identity, neither a heritage nor anything that makes it special.

Steering is responsive with exceptional feedback, and the car feels much lighter than its 4, lbs would indicate.

Chrysler 300

Big power, big wheels and big attitude; that's what it's all about. There's also rear parking sensors and a full complement of airbags. As a result, Chrysler has done a sharp U-turn and is gobbling back US market share in huge chunks. The redesign is more elegant and less gangsta. As is, the meter often displays 0.

Hopefully the ZF 8-speed automatic paired with the V6 migrates up the line soon. The design of the new interior is overly generic, and fails to continue the bold flavor of the exterior. Neither GM nor Ford even offers a large rear-wheel-drive sedan to Americans.

The styling retained many elements of the Chrysler Chronos concept car, such as chrome interior accents and tortoiseshell finishings on the steering wheel and shifter knob. As for the interior, the American-ness is not as obvious as before.