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Cilan and brock gyarados outrage online dating. Eng sub - pokémon best wishes s2 e21 - cilan and brock! gyarados outrage!! | readable

Gyarados tries to destroy the gates with Flamethrower, but it is no use.

Gyarados (Pokémon)

Gyarados spits out the lure and uses Hydro Pumpchasing Pansage and Cilan away. They all see Gyarados' tail is wounded. Pansage jumps and goes to use Solar Beambut Gyarados retaliates with a Flamethrower. Joy asks the girl, Ayumiwhat is wrong while Cilan and Brock stare at her Pikachu.

Cilan thinks his friend has passed the courage onto him. Cilan tells the two to relax and take deep breaths. Amer barely escapes, his boat being destroyed by Outrage. Gyarados is suddenly shocked by blue electricity and fires a Hyper Beam before diving into the lake and swimming away.

Brock replies he'd "like to get arrested", but gets hit and pulled by Croagunk. Cilan runs off, while Brock is troubled. Brock and Nurse Joy go to the operating room, while Cilan waits. Gyarados begins giving off a red aura, which Officer Jenny identifies as the move Outrage.