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Claudio ferrici online dating. - claudio ferrici

We also do not offer any guarantee if the product is used in a way which it is not meant to be used. And must be returned in their original box. Please note that both dealer and Claudio Ferrici always require an orginal proof of purchase which includes date of purchase and the purchase price of your product.

Designwise your Claudio Ferrici will stand out for being timeless and up to date at the same time. Carefully tanned and treated to give you the perfect look.

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Our general conditions apply to purchases. Please click here for our general terms. Your item should be in their original packaging. Enjoy your Claudio Ferrici.

As for the outside, lets talk leather. The wearing out of the product due to normal use is not a part of guarantee. About our bags Ever since we started out making Italian leather bags, our designers have had one thing in mind. A woman with a mind of her own.