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In addition, the program works with civil society groups to increase the participation of Pakistani citizens in the policy-making process, with a particular focus on engaging womenyouth, people with disabilities, and ethnic and religious minorities.

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The task of promoting and consolidating democracy cannot be undertaken by any Government alone. This was one of the Communist parties. It is our desire that as many observers as possible should participate in this process, which is aimed at consolidating democracy.

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Build the communication and legislative drafting skills of key parliamentarians to help them more effectively represent their constituents. This new coalition also seriously questions Polish commitments to the EU.

Abstract English SincePolish democracy has not been successful in consolidating its party system.

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Let us look at the events that led to the strike Lenin Shipyard was owned by the Government and Strikes were illegal. The particular situation of women in countries and regions undergoing transition and consolidating democracy was highlighted.

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The strike was called off. For a State like ours, the question of consolidating democracy is very close to our hearts.

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Sample Activities Support civil society groups to expand voter registration, electoral participation, and election observation. Substantial economic and financial assistance is the prerequisite for achieving social harmony and consolidating democracy.

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The promotion of a culture of tolerance is vital for consolidating democracy and for preventing ethnic conflicts. Thousands of Solidarity members were put in prison.

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In this essay, I argued that while postcommunism is generally not a fertile ground for political parties and party politics, the consolidation of the party system in Poland has faced a number of challenges that were more serious than in other postcommunist countries due to specific features of Polish political developments.

Independent Trade Unions were granted the right to strike.

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The movement became popular and the Government was forced to signed a point agreement with Walesa at the end.