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He's a big blue cat alien with black stripes, and huge claws. A typical density in a gas nebula is only a few thousand atoms per cubic centimeter.

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They should not read like fanfiction, nor should they feature the editor's own opinions. Please be sure to proof read and spell check your work!

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For example, if a cloud of gas is blasted by light from a nearby massive star, the gas in it becomes excited; the electrons in its atoms jump to a higher energy level. Article synopsis should be written in a neutral point of view.

This episode's article page needs a detailed, well-written synopsis. These tiny grains contain things like things like silicates, aluminum oxide, and calcium. Crash Nebula is very similar to and possibly inspired by an earlier cartoon, Galaxy High.

Nebulae Crash Course Astronomy 36

Google Analytics cookies processed by Google LLC used for the purpose of analysing visitor traffic on this website. James Arnold Taylor Sprig was just a normal earthling until one day he was sent to the "Celestial Academy". Ving claims that she's his soon-to-be girlfriend, but Ani wouldn't date him even if he were the last guy in the universe.

For example, stars form from nebulae; our Sun did 4.

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One way is by how we see them. That much gas adds up, and so some nebulae can be pretty bright. Tara Strong Sprig's annoying, bratty sister.

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