CrimeCraft (Microsoft Windows) - Overview CrimeCraft (Microsoft Windows) - Overview

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Players can switch between the streamlined Quickplay experience and the fully featured Sunrise City with the click of a button.

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Score points by killing other players in a free-for-all match. Riot A simple deathmatch game. Game CrimeCraft confronts objective to perform specific tasks and missions so that, eventually, you get money and experience accumulate reputation, learn new crafts and combat skills for the development of your character.

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You will take part in the dynamic skirmishes, personalization, production, black market gangs, technology Unreal Engine. After all, everyone loves round-based shooters and everyone loves MMOs that have the word "craft" in them, so this persistent shooter should have a lot going for it right out of the gate.

Join thousands of players online as you learn the rules of the street, build your own gang and do whatever it takes to survive amidst the chaos.

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On the technical side and the power of your PC, the game has quite KraymKraft democratic system requirements: So we wish for you to be that the monarch and take power into their own hands. I cannot recommend this game.

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Dynamic out is a struggle with the characters of other users, as well as the enemies of the program. You get to the Earth, filled with chaos control in established cities holds the gangs.

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Teams gain points based on how long they have the points captured. Personalization - with the help of which you can create a character of your choice, to choose his clothes, weapons, various items and abilities which you want to.

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Stockpile Players must recover valuable items captured by bots. Craft - Use the loot gained from battle to create your own weapons, clothing and performance boosts.

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To start playing online game CrimeCraft, you only need to arrange themselves in the game. Safeguard Players are put into into a single team with the objective of defending a weapon cache that's under constant attack by enemy bots.

Robbery A team based match where each team is given a safe within cash.

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Unreal Engine technology available to provide you with the virtual world tehnologiiUnreal Engine 3.