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Don't respond to email messages that ask for personal information.

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Even the policemen on the verge of retirement are now computer-'conscious'. Phishing attacks There are various types of phishing attacks and the type that is used usually depends on the industry.

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PTI Jul 26, Nagar station, where there are five computers, policemen of all ranks have turned computer-literate. Especially those working in police stations in and around the IT corridor.

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You might also like. Barack Obama Types Of Cyber Attack Brute force attack A sophisticated software or algorithm which is written to do whatever it can to attack your system — by searching for vulnerabilities — and in many cases, attacks a password-protection mechanism. The police department will introduce inter-active voice response system IVRS in one district on a pilot basis.

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Once malware is in your computer, it can wreak all sorts of havoc, from taking control of your machine, to monitoring your actions and keystrokes, to silently sending all sorts of confidential data from your computer or network to the attacker's home base. Check the source of the message.

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Each zone is headed by an Officer of the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police. The brute force attack will use a specially designed software to go through hundreds of thousands of different words, combinations of words and numbers to try to crack your password, said Caracciolo of CBIZ.

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Download The Times of India news app for your device. Even as the department comes a step closer in being citizen-friendly, efforts are on to dispense with the archaic wireless and teleprinters for "in-house communication.

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The latest news is that Policemen in Bangalore have become computer-savvy.