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To get the lightsaber, use the map to get to the casino star cluster casino taxi stand and then speak to Mila Escalus. The trick with this fight is to lead the Voreclaw into the green circles and then activate the nearby Defense Coil Controls. I dont care, what is some random guys said on TOR's official page.

A group of Sith Lords, ambitious for power in light of the Sith Emperor's reclusive behavior during the previous years, defied their Emperor 's mandate and breached the Dark Temple, hoping to access the hidden power within. You only have a hard time limit of 60s to kill him and he gains damage stacks that make him more powerful the longer you take to kill him.

Darth zash flirt

Do not kill them as you will need them to weaken the Ancient Guardian Droid. Zash couldn't discern the sex, speciesor identity of the apprentice, but understood that the individual was of low birth. After the meeting, she was promoted to the title of Darthand thus was now known as Darth Zash.

Further research revealed to Zash that the ritual required a series of artifacts that had once belonged to Hord himself.

The Voreclaw has a burrowing attack you need to watch out for but you can zap him out of that attack by using the Coil Controls when he burrow inside the green circles. Andy Garcia Vor 5 years Darth Imperius. It follows you around and then stops when she casts it.

As no Sith in thousands of years had been able to breach the chamber holding the Dashade and the map, the task appeared to be impossible, but the text gathered by the young acolyte from Tulak Hord's tomb indicated otherwise.

Believing that she would most likely find her prophesied student from the lowest classes of Sith society, she demanded that Harkun only cull potential apprentices from the Empire's slave pens. Drag Guardian Droid next to a Hunter Probe in repair mode to remove its shield and then periodically damage the Hunter Probe to ensure it stays in repair mode.

For centuries, the map had rested undisturbed, guarded by an ancient Dashade shadow Killer locked in a stasis field. Thanaton knew that Zash was somehow responsible for Skotia's death and asked to meet her.

During the fight, three Annex of Zildrog will spawn, these Annexes will need to be killed quickly as they cast a stacking debuff that reduce your maximum HP per stack, allowing Vinn to easily one shot you once the stacks get too high.

The lightsaber will help the sith inquisitor to defeat Darth Zash.