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Dating a tumblr feminist tag, recommended video

You're looking for an excuse to be mean.

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Most of y'all who post this crap consider yourselves to be SJWs. If their immediate response is offensive or misogynistic, it's a red flag. You may want some or none of those things.

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Playing games can appear to be the norm, and straying from them make us seem at best strange, and, at worst, psycho. Fighting for the fucking side of right, all that. Have a Feminist Litmus Test Via: Dating shouldn't be a race down the aisle, a reflection of your self-worth, or a measure of your success.

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And that's not all. Could you really look that person in the face and go Imao men are mediocre? In less pretentious language: The site features screenshots of terrible Tinder profiles submitted by users and encountered in the wild by Moore herself. We do it because we feel fucking fabulous and it takes a surreal amount of skill and time why the fuck would we waste it getting all smeared up on the sheets when an incompetent male feminist cums too early and inadvertently ends up splashing us with a facial.

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And can he talk about them in ways that express curiosity and engagement and respect, instead of defensiveness, or dismissiveness, or attachment to stereotypes? Or you may have absolutely no idea what you want.

Your support for disabled people or queer people only extends to vague internet platitudes. Regardless, feminism gives you a lens that can help you view dating in a new and liberating light.

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There is probably at least one guy you care about, whether it's a family member or a friend or a former mentor. So long as they are a feminist on some basic level whatever you determine that to bethey may be worth giving a shot.

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Feminism can help you decipher the difference between something you want and something that is expected of you, which is an invaluable exercise not just in dating, but in life.