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Antique mantle clocks

The most significant change from hand-crafted clocks to clocks mass produced in a factory was the movement. The clock had Roman numerals, black hands and a fancy, golden pendulum. The Sessions mantle clocks alone were many and varied, and are sometimes available for sale on online auction sites.

It had a painted or enameled black cast iron case and red faux marble accents above gilded columns on each side of the clock face. Charles Anfrie Mass Production and Wooden Clock Movements By the end of the eighteenth century, the popularity of the mantle clock had spread quickly throughout Europe and was reaching the wealthier homes in the United States.

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By the idea of wooden clock movements was so popular there were hundreds of companies, in Connecticut alone, making clocks with wooden movements.

This clock featured a carved oak case in a gingerbread design, finished in walnut. American Antique Mantle Clocks Although some styles of American mantle clocks incorporated brass or iron in their design, the clocks were generally made of porcelain, oak or cherry wood.

Sessions and other members of the Sessions family, in Forestville, Connecticut. The 6-inch dial was framed by golden bezel and winding key slots. This gingerbread clock measured about 23 inches high by 15 inches wide by 5 inches deep. The original paper notices furnished on the backs of some Sessions mantle clocks have survived.

More About Sessions Clocks Everything you always wanted to know about Sessions clocks is contained in a reference book published in by Arlingtonbooks. With ordinary care it will give a lifetime of dependable service.

Instead of using expensive brass for the clock movements, the movements were made from wood. Another novel mantle clock was shaped like a stagecoach with green and gold accents, while a third decorative mantle clock featured a round face mounted on a stand alongside a decorative horse.

Then in the s, Sessions started making electric clocks and timers.

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