Fender Squier Standard Telecaster RW Vintage Blonde Fender Squier Standard Telecaster RW Vintage Blonde

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I used to own all kinds of expensive instruments.

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I was impressed, not only by his playing but by his apparent irreverence towards expensive equipment. I let out the door behind me.

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The pickups are a downgrade, as is the bridge, but overall this still leaves us with an excellent Strat similar to an American, but for about half the price. It features the standard one volume, two tone control Strat setup. I watched Mirandas eyes shot down the steps, he took her from the woods on fire.

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The home of elegantly elemental Stratocaster and Telecaster models with superb Squier sound, look, performance and value. So, what is a Strat supposed to look like?

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Fender Guitars and Basses If you are trying to choose between Squier and Fender an American Fender is probably not even in the equation.

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Even though Fender still sticks to a more old-school design than most guitar builders, this is a solid bridge.

The body is basswood, a warmer tonewood with good resonance. Even we veteran players can be tempted by Squier:

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