Korean Phrases and Common Sentences Korean Phrases and Common Sentences

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Definitely memorize this and say it again and again. You want some cute romance, right?

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What I did was practice at least one for every conversation I started with a Korean woman. Write them down on flashcards, review and say them out loud. I love you more than anything. But you might be missing something very crucial for your upcoming trip to Korea: Good phrase to use when you want someone… to be a little closer… to you!

10 Korean Phrases for Your Relationship Status

Figuratively speaking, they are so nice that they can melt your heart. Knowing even basic Korean will help you navigate through and make the best of your time, and hopefully, your experience will motivate you to learn even more of the language!

What a great way to learn a new language! Why not pick some up to flirt with Korean women too?

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Tell them to stay with you and spend more time. So, this is a good phrase to know.

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