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Unlike her fellow keep away characters, her strengths lie in the ability to shift her line of fire swiftly as well as being able to utilize traps, along with her original Shield of Justice Seigi no Tate Reversal Action being a secondary counter.

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When she asks why she is needed for this, the man reveals that this involves both Shadows and Personas, piquing Naoto's interest. The Secret Laboratory symbolizes Naoto's "stereotypically boyish" interests as child, filled with robots resembling Transformerspolice copsShadows resembling male wrestlerstechnology, science, etc.

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The OST disc version features notably altered instrumentals in comparison to the other leitmotifs however, making use of extra alternated guitar chords and techno sounds. Naoto introduces "himself" to the group.

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You play as a high school student in the county from the big city. Asura Ayane Matsunaga Music Club: Another new touch is that Naoto's gun can now "jam," which after firing all her bullets causes her new gun icon to show a gauge in the place of her bullet amount which is 5 like the original game which quickly refills during its cooldown period, and her bullets cannot be reloaded anymore via performing a B or SB version Aim stance while it's active, preventing her from spamming too much of her gunshots freely thus Naoto after using up her rounds must reload via stance break and use her bullets more wisely.

The Investigation Team eventually manages to detect Naoto's location in the Midnight Channel, an industrial secret laboratory or military base filled with mechanical Shadows and falcon symbols, and sets out to rescue the detective.

Afterwards, the protagonist will be given a choice of whether to pursue a relationship with her or remain her friend.

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Although Naoto didn't immediately understand it, she confirms her suspicions when Yu and Yosuke officially reform the Investigation Team during their party celebrating Yu's return. Golden Edit Naoto on a bike. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

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Through the Team's efforts to gather clues, they found out that Naoto, despite her professional personality, is actually a workaholic who chooses to ignore the police department's advice and work alone.

He goes on to say that to understand this, everything she does has to be investigated in order to "eliminate those doubts.

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In the anime, the bond between Naoto and Yu is represented by the Persona Atropos. It clarifies that the "body-altering operation" was to be a sex-change operation.

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You need to talk to him at least twice, choosing different dialog options. Annoyed by her words, Rise Kujikawa tells Naoto that she is the one who was treating the case like a game.

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As she comes to, she promptly runs into Yu who, after a fight, informs her of the events that transpired in Inaba during her absence.