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Porcelain and pottery marks - Royal Copenhagen marks

Well, the short answer is no, this is not an early example of this model. The three blue waves When the Dowager Queen Juliane Marie founded the Royal Porcelain Factory inshe insisted that the three waves should be the factory's trademark. Annual Spoons - Georg Jensen. And it is also the colour in which the Royal Copenhagen expert painters excel.

Almost years ago, the Egyptians would crush the blue stone Lapiz Lazuli into a fine powder to use as pigment for eye makeup and murals on walls. Each painter had and still has their own stamp, marked on the bottom of every piece of porcelain.

The trademark from until now From two small lines were employed to indicate the year of production.

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Signed piece from Painter's number Insignificant flaws can be: Glass Art - DPH. Our Passion A passion for blue Symbolising fidelity and secrecy, blue is a colour for which artists in the past would pay considerable sums.

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Dating Royal Copenhagen Figurines Posted by: Some of the painters are well-known, but some are now a mystery.

Probably not, but it will look better, and you know what they say about the eye eating before the mouth. Blue has innumerable shades and nuances. It is often the subject of writing.

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The craftmans's mark It takes four years to learn the craft of painting on Royal Copenhagen porcelain. To this day, the waves are painted on the back of each piece of porcelain and comprise Royal Copenhagen's well-known signature of authenticity, a mark of fine craftsmanship and Danish porcelain art.