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Dating someone with add reddit, welcome to reddit.

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Maybe you are more of the logistic and structured planning type, and while I envy your left-brain driven capabilities, it is awfully frustrating and challenging to engage in a relationship with someone who has been bouncing through life in the completely opposite manner.

Maybe he could have gotten the same or better results within 2 weeks of meeting her rather than being in the friend zone for 6 years?

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Are Student Loans a Deal Breaker? Hope you're having a good day at least: Feel free to post, discuss, or just lurk.

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Long ago I concluded that marijuana is probably less damaging than alcohol. Space is great for those with ADD, because just as they want to spend time with other people, they want you to spend time with other people too.

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I have a job, and friends, and hobbies, and already insufficient time in the day so I hate wasting time on my phone if I can avoid it.

Luton has been given the dubious honour of being crowned the worst place to live in the UK by Reddit users. They're certainly not masters of premeditated crime.

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And if that plan turns into finding the best pizza in all of the west side? Redditors who are schizophrenic: They ignite the enthusiastic youth in you.

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