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For most funny cat videos, yes. To get rid of those problems, I just download the kitties to my computer. Spotted Orange Mollies in a Fish Tank "Little orange mollies swim and dart around this bright blue fish tank. Watch as they hop and tumble all over themselves to get to the sweet, sweet, seedy center of this bird feeder.

Take the flying ninja cat that is not one to sit around all day, this cat knows how to have some fun. The video downloads to your computer. But I get pretty tired of ads covering up that box-diving action.

Test them on your cat and let us know in the comments if your feline was stimulated by the footage. Why Does the Web Love Cats?

What’s new, pussycat? The growing economy of internet cat videos

There might be a guest appearance by a woodpecker! As part of the install, RealPlayer Downloader is going to ask you to close your web browser. Viewers ask him questions on a whiteboard and he essentially acts out the answer.

One click, it just works. A Viral Sensation There are tons of funny cat videos available and some of them leave lasting impressions. We want to know about your favorite cat videos. Maybe you like sharks? Shark Tank "It's sharks. They are either videos of cats making mouth movements with some human voice-over work or people talking to cats getting one syllable responses.

How do you download your favorite cat videos from YouTube or other video sites? Do cats like sharks?