[Discussion] The [Discussion] The "Ignore no more" app.

Datinglogic ignore no more app, concern for independence and trust


Ask Or When hejust let things be for a while. It is something I kept doing so I think he gave me extra time to get his point across.

If the child knows to go to the Device Administrators page under Security and uncheck Ignore No More, they will be able to uninstall the app.

Not no moreā€¦ lol. This is just what I needed for the past years. The app starting to sound like a good idea then? Datinglogic ignore At the time, I felt very undesirable, I mean, my boyfriend with whom I was so datinglogic ignore, patient and caring, had just rejected me in the harshest of ways.

Is that so wrong? The parent installs the app on not only their phone, but any children of theirs who also own smartphones.

Some parents think this idea is genius because how come kids are always tapping away on their phones but are suddenly, mysteriously not available when the parents call. Unless the parent also installs a third-party app locker that blocks access to settings and the Google Play Store, that app is just as easy to uninstall as any other.

You should know if they follow their curfew and you should know where they are at this exact moment. How's that for parental control?