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Traditional usage holds that we are jealous when we fear losing something that is important to us and envious when we desire that which someone else has. Times, Sunday Times She messages me all the time but I still feel jealous and scared.

What rhymes with Jealous? The Sun You find a tactful way to help a friend with a jealous mind. Others need retroactive jealousy therapywant to break up with their partner or, in extreme cases, think about suicide.

That means having many more sexual encounters, changing my policy of only having sex in committed relationships, and so on. Everything you have always known about positive thinking but were afraid to put into practice Trends of 'jealous' In Common Usage.

Yes, I am human! We are jealous when we suspect him of aiming to deprive us of what we dearly prize. The Sun She was always a bit jealous of her friends in AA.

Retroactive Jealousy Help: Avoid these 4 Dilemmas

How nicely jealous is every one of us of his own repute! Bible obsolete or biblical demanding exclusive loyalty: The Sun Or only a pettyjealous one? The Sun Of courseit's human nature you sometimes feel jealous. See Usage Note below. Suspicious is the wider term.

To both these sisters have I sworn my love: