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With the same map, it will be guaranteed that the Data variable is shared there is only a single instance of Data variable. TabfImage - an enhanced image control, supports proportional scaling, has a smart caption and can work with image lists. Maybe you can't, but then this example will help you further.

I can't help you further if you don't give specific code. I actually use the thing to pop up a menu when I click on the desktop, if you're curious. Time to define when to execute them. Application Part In this part we only need to deal with notification message from our dll and compare with the areas of our form.

The idea is they'd return an error message or something. Dynamic-Link Library These routines must be placed inside a dynamic-link library dll file. Freeware Update 07 Jul Description The abfComponents product is a base part of the ABF Visual Components Library, contains a set of powerful and easy-to-use common components, lots of classes and procedures.

You can start by creating a new Delphi project, and add several forms to it.

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TabfFileOperation - easy way to perform different file operations. When the application is running, click the "Install Mouse Hook", then activate other application. TabfWav - plays any system or custom sound.

Hook in Delphi

Okay, the most interesting point of hooking is that you get to monitor events that initially not belong or intended for your application.

Can you elaborate more on how to use SetWindowsHookEx?

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When the mouse is over one of our form, even if that form is under other application's window, we have to play beep sound. FormCount-1 do with Screen.