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Ultimately, the former gal pals grew up and apart. It's a cool thing.

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We've gone through so much together and we're really close now. I do have a love for him for sure. I wish her the best. Like Nick said, that unspoken brother and sisterhood is still—for the most part—alive and well long after their days at " Disney High.

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We both liked the same guy when we were As alumni of the Disney empire, there was a time years ago when they were all rehearsing the same kind of song and dance.

Illustration If you looked at the current entertainment headlines, you'd think it was again.

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Plus, all four of them have singles steadily holding high spots on the music charts. As their popularity grew, Disney paired them up on new ventures to feed off of each other's star power.

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Whether it's a collaboration in the studio, on stage or screen, it seems anything this crew teams up on is destined for success. Fortunately, there were no hard feelings—the duo grew up to become the best of pals.

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Instagram While the timing of his conquests is still a bit muddy to this day, it is true that Nick's personal life mimicked his art for a time. The duo reprised "Gotta Find You" from their kid flick all those years ago.

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When the Jonas Brothers sang about "Burnin' Up" over a girl, that girl in the music video was Selena. Fans went crazy, proving that the chemistry that originally catapulted them to stardom still has not fizzled out.

We're really good friends.

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